• Pumpkin Project

    Gardeniere Teena Spindler has a new twist the typical Fall centerpiece—carving a pumpkin planter. It’s a simple process, not much different than carving a Jack O’ Lantern. But the results are organically stunning. Teena shows how to [...]

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  • Planting Fall Annuals and Bulbs

    Gardeniere, Teena Spindler, shows us how to change flower beds with the changing of the season. In California, that means removing summer plants and prepping for fall winter growing. But her tips and advice are perfect for [...]

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  • Episode 1: Landscape Design and Planning – The Rory House

    Professional landscaper and Gardeniere, Jim Cunneen, heads to Raleigh, N.C. to begin a complete yard makeover for homeowners Austin and Meaghan Rory. For Jim, it all starts with planning and designing in order to bring a vision [...]

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  • Pamela’s Strawberry Container Garden

    From the rooftops of Brooklyn, Gardeniere Pamela Reed shows us how to grow plump, juicy strawberries by the pound. You don’t need a field, or a large vegetable garden, just a simple container, like a 5-gallon bucket. [...]

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  • Building a Wicking Garden

    Gardenieres Mary Katherine Green and Pamela Reed get together to build a wicking container garden. It’s one of the hottest trends in gardening, and it’s perfect for growing most anything, in any climate. They take us through [...]

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  • Growing Shade Plants

    Gardeniere Jim Cunneen is our expert landscaper. And in this episode, he shows us how to prep, plant and grow successfully in both sunny and shady areas of your yard. Then he digs a bit deeper, taking [...]

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Meet the Gardenieres

A group of hand-picked green thumbs led by gardening master, William Moss. They’re passionate, real-life gardening personalities with real-world experience when it comes to growing anything, most anywhere.

  • William Moss

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